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Quality, hatching (viability) index. Wide range of products

Always in stock

Raw, dry, decapsulated brine shrimp cysts always available


We pack products according to customer requirements

We work for export

We provide full support of the contract at all stages

We have our own raw materials base in Altai. The lake is assigned to us for 15 years;

• Supply volume: 20 tons per year;

• Water content: less than 8%;

• Hatching: more than 80% in 24 hours;

• 200,000 nauplii in a gram;

• Protein: more than 50%;

• Fat: 12%;

• High heat resistance degree;

• Delivery of products in cans or vacuum foil bags per 0.5 kg each;

• The radioactivity, heavy metals and bacterial contamination are within the range of tight standards of the Russian Federation. There are no viruses;

Our products are 30-40% cheaper than the American ones, but they are not inferior to them in quality. We offer the optimal ratio of price and quality, that’s why our products are more preferable. In addition, the Siberian Artemia cysts are characterized by increased metabolic energy compared to the American ones.

This is facilitated by a sharp continental climate (harsh winters and hot summers)


Production of feed for shrimp and fish fry, dietary supplements based on Artemia cysts

Dry Artemia Cysts (Hatching Rate 80+%)

Humidity 8%;
Impurity not more than 1%

Raw Artemia Cysts (Hatching Rate 80%+)

Humidity 45%;
Impurity not more than 1%

Dry Artemia Cysts (Hatching Rate 75+%)

Humidity 8%;
Impurity not more than 1%

Dry Artemia Cysts (Hatching Rate 65+%)

Humidity 8%;
Impurity not more than 1%


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