Обратный звонок RedConnect
  1. What is the level of hatching of products?
    In stock there are products of different percentage of hatching: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85%.
  2. What lakes produce artemia?
    Lakes of the Omsk region, the Altai Territory and the Republic of Crimea.
  3. What is the difference between dry and raw artemia?
    The main difference is that only artemia is dried with a maximum percentage of hatching, which is at least 80%. The rest of the products that showed lower values of the initial hatching, respectively, remains in raw form.
    In addition, dry products exclude untimely embryo hatching, since the products have already passed the «sealing» stage. It is not susceptible to diseases caused by violation of storage conditions (h-r, mold and mildew).
    What is important: dry products are much better preserved and have a much longer shelf life (packed in vacuum bags, subject to light and temperature conditions-up to 3 years, printed up to 3 months).
  4. How much does the product cost?
    The cost of production depends on the quality and percentage of hatching, as well as the volume of deliveries, packaging and distance of delivery.
  5. How to pay for the order?
    If you are a private customer (individual) and order a small batch of goods up to 20-30 kg, payment is made on a calculated date according to the account details, which we send to you after agreeing on the type of product, quantity and delivery. We will also send you the necessary documents: instructions, receipt and invoice.
    You can easily pay for the order in the bank’s application that you use: just fill in the account details that we will send you when you approve the order, and specify the amount of the invoice. And we, in turn, will send your product within a maximum of 2 working days.
    If you live in Barnaul, want to get to know each other better and pick up the goods yourself – we are waiting for you to visit our office on October Square. Just call us the day before – so that we will form a package for you and you do not have to wait.
    If you are a legal entity and want to receive a large order (from 100 kg) – we will be happy to deliver products according to individual conditions, taking into account your wishes and our capabilities. We are ready to deliver the goods on a 50% prepayment, and you can make the final calculation already upon receipt of the goods.
    We will also send you a complete set of documents: a bill of lading, an act, an invoice, a contract, an EUSD, documents confirming the quality of the goods, etc.
  6. Can I pay for the goods upon receipt?
    This option is available to individuals when sending goods by Russian Post by cash on delivery.
  7. How do you ship the product?
    We work with all transport companies that exist on the market («Energy», «peck», «SDEK», «GTD», «Business lines», etc.).
    In addition, small quantities of orders we ship «Boxberry», «SDEK Package» or «SELOGICA» without measurements and weight measurements, at a fixed price from point of dispatch to point of delivery.